This is a complete taxidermy studio doing work on birds, fish, game heads,  life-size mounts and rugs too.  We have become excellent at African big game  at our Southern California Facility.  We have 4 locations to serve you  throughout California, with Fresno being our primary location.  Here we  process the animals in and have our staff member that is the most qualified  in that particular type of game do the work on it.  We have found that since  our staff have all won awards for quality taxidermy on different things, we  can offer to you the best that there is available at a fair price.

I myself have been doing taxidermy since 1963 and helped put myself through

college in Iowa doing birds and whitetail deer in the late 60s.  My awards  have been for some of my ducks and although they are good, our staff member  Kevin does some of the “best birds you will find anywhere”.

Catch & release fish? Staffers Randy and Kirk are our reproduction specialists.

Now Kevin started out working for a famous taxidermist in San Diego in about

1975 and moved on to the point they now refer some birds back to him.  He can

create an entire diorama of waterfowl.  That's his primary work except he has

become a great decoy carver.

He has gotten so good at that; they often want him to be a judge for decoy

carving competition.  His paintings as an artist are absolutely so good, you

want to grab your gun and go shoot “his club”.  As a staff member here, he is

always working, turning out 1 and sometimes 2 ducks, pheasants, or geese a

day.  He does great fish work, but has found that his “love” is for mounting


Our staff member, Kevin does “some of the best birds you will find anywhere.”

Our fish experts are Kirk & Randy,  working in Costa Mesa (near LA) and their  fish are some of the finest in the world.  When you look at the brown trout,  rainbows, or largemouth bass, you'd think they're real.  They are our Ocean

fish experts too and do fantastic Dorado, billfish & tuna.  These guys do  great live size work and their African stuff is hard to beat anywhere.  Plus  they are our West Coast receiving station for animals coming into this  country from anywhere in the world.  Adding these guys to our staff was a wonderful thing and we're proud to have them on board.  These brothers

have been doing taxidermy since 1970.

“Master Taxidermist” Harry is our multi Award Winning taxidermist

Our North American big game heads, rugs, full body mounts and small game. is  done by “master Taxidermist” Harry our multi-award winning taxidermist.  One  of his whitetail heads on a pedestal mount took “judges choice” award at  California Association of Taxidermists” competition.  His blacktail & mule  deer look so real you have to really study them to see all of the detail he

has put into them. Anything he gets to work on for you, you will be pleased.  He has perfected his turkey mounting to look like they are right out in the  field with you.  Harry has been a successful taxidermist since 1963.